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Family offices are currently the most attractive group of investors and their structure is more permanent that many of the world's strongest companies. They are the next hedge funds of the world, if not more. The family office is at the backbone of global commerce, primarily from permanent capital, which results in a different system of management and investing, a hybrid that combines families directly investing in companies to diversify or to build current portfolios with customized returns on investment, vastly different investment goals and investment time frames. While "family office" is a new term for many in the industry, the basis and framework behind the family office has existed for more than 500 years. It is wildly important for this system of investing to be understood. In the past decade, billions in profits have been made in technology, let alone other industries, and most of these fortunes will find themselves managed by a family office of sorts. They are also competitors with one another and at times highly influential in the ways of wealth management, wealth creation and associated practices. This book explains family office investing using case studies of family offices like the Rockefeller's "Room 5600" and covers important direct investment styles of family offices-all supported by hard research and statistics from intelligence partners covering family office investing extensively-and will be of interest to anyone in finance, wealth management, financial sales, market research and investing as a whole.

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