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Cultural History of Reading [Two Volumes]
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Cultural History of Reading [Two Volumes]

What is it about some books that makes them timeless? Cultural History of Reading looks at books from their earliest beginnings through the present day, in both the U.S. and regions all over the world. Not only fiction and literature, but religious works, dictionaries, scientific works, and home guides such as Mrs. Beeton's all have had an impact on not only their own time and place, but continue to capture the attention of readers today. Volume 1 examines the history of books in regions throughout the world, identifying both literature and nonfiction that was influenced by cultural events of its time. Volume 2 identifies books from the pre-colonial era to the present day that have had lasting significance in the United States. History students and book lovers alike will enjoy discovering the books that have impacted our world.Volume I: World Literature (by region)-The Americas (North, Central, South, Caribbean) -Timeline -Introduction:Relationships between Canadian, Caribbean and Latin American Indigenous, colonial and post-colonial experiences, and the forces that shaped the production of literature(s) in this region. -Lit. by period (the focus here will be on Lat. Am., Caribbean and Canadian literatures). Pre Columbian - Colonial Establishment - Colonial period - Twentieth Century - Contemporary - Europe and Britain -Timeline -Introduction: The expansion of Christianity as a culturally-unifying influence, and the rise of intellectual experimentation as a parallel movement. The influence of technology on textual production, distribution and consumption. Lit. by period Establishment of Christianity - Medieval period - The Renaissance - The Enlightenment - Romanticism - The Nineteenth Century - Modernism - Post-Modernism - Asia and the Pacific -Timeline. -Introduction: Geographic and cultural isolation as shapers of distinct social and cultural experiences. Highly differentiated textual forms and philosophies of writing. The influence of European colonization, war, technology and leisure travel on textual production. -Lit. by nation/region then be further analyzed according to its own history China - Japan - South East Asia - Australia - New Zealand - The South Pacific and Melanesia - -South Asia and the Indian Sub-Continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan: Timeline Introduction: The parallel, but hostile, development of two language, myth and textual systems in shared space. Colonial representation and post-colonial re-inscription of history. - Lit. by period The classical period - European arrival - The Colonial period - Independence - Contemporary period - Africa and The Middle East -Timeline -Introduction: The oldest languages on earth. Layering of civilizations, gods and spirits. The literature of White natives. The discourse of slavery and liberation. Lit. by culture The rise of Islam - The Islamic nations - The rise of Christianity - The arrival of the Europeans - African independence - The creation of Israel - Contemporary African Literatures - Contemporary Arab Literatures - Volume II: American Literature (by time period)-Pre-colonial -Timeline: events occurring prior to roughly1700 Introduction: The literature of exploration and cultural contact, including translations of indigenous writings and writing of European settlers. -Settlement and Colonization; -Timeline events occurring roughly between 1700-1776 -Introduction: Literature of settlement and colonization, including religious, scientific, and philosophical writings. The debates surrounding The Great Awakening, Salem witch trials. Revolution and the New Republic; -Timeline Revents occurring roughly between 1776-1820 -Introduction: Writings leading up to and surrounding the...
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