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The Cameron Brothers Box Set
Massachusetts Books
ebook EPUB
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The Cameron Brothers Box Set ebook: EPUB


When ballistics expert Queen Gomez finds herself thrust into the middle of a murder mystery, the media hails her 'the lifesaver in a bikini'.'

Her husband, New York SWAT Officer Giorgio Gomez, tells her to stay in the crime lab and let the detectives handle it. She wouldn't listen. Now, she is in a world of trouble. 

As a matter of fact, the mystery had started with Belle. A forensic accountant who got in the way of a sociopath's criminal enterprise.

Enter Australian Special Forces Bryce Cameron. About the gamine beauty, he sums it up best: 'I know why you're in hot water. You ask too many questions.'

As tragedies mount, it's up to them to solve the mystery and catch the madman before the game gets too rough to play.


Belle doesn't know Bryce Cameron well, but she knows one thing for certain: she loves him and would follow him anywhere, even to the ends of the Earth.

She leaves New York to follow him to his homeland. Soon, she discovers just how hard life would be once she got to the end of the Earth, otherwise known as Australia's Gulf Savannah.

Belle has to confront being a step-­mom, dangerous wildlife, scorching heat, thick dust, and deadly cyclones. Worse still, Bryce is often called away for clandestine missions which are fraught with danger. Each time he went, she is never certain he'd be able to return.

Will love be enough to keep Belle with Bryce, or will the harsh world of her romantic warrior be too much for her?


Banjo Cameron is an Australian Black Hawk helicopter pilot, married to the Royal Australian Air Force. Andrea 'Andy' Cosgrove is a Second Warrant Officer, married to the U.S. Air Force.

Fate brings them together through a joint training program in the Mojave Desert, but from the start, everything seems to conspire against them. 

Adding to the complications is Henry Moran, Andy's spurned lover turned sadistic serial killer who will stop at nothing to possess her. Only the good Captain stands in the way of his evil scheme. Highly intelligent and deranged, Henry succeeds in getting them captive.

Will they survive their ordeal?

In the process of finding love, Andy also discovers the truth about her father and learns of a love story so divine and beautiful: that of her own parents.

This love story within a love story reminds us that our lives are intricately intertwined.


Bernard "Duck" Mabo Cameron, a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Australian Navy, lost a leg in a black ops mission. As bad as it is, his amputated limb is the least of his problems. More worrying is the damage to his psyche. Emotionally damaged and mentally scarred, his sleep is filled with nightmares. Frightened of what he could do, the only thing he could think of to protect his loved ones is to leave them.

His long-term girlfriend Bonita tries to live without him.

She makes sure that her daughter Megan is not badly impacted by the fracture in their relationship. For although she isn't his biological daughter, he is the only father she has ever known.

Life takes a turn for the worse when her ex-husband, Megan's biological Dad asks to share custody. On top of that, Duck has decided to return to Somalia for an unfinished business.

 How many more challenges can she take? Would he make it back alive? Could there be a happy ending?


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