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Live a little more... in gratitude
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Live a little more... in gratitude

Live a little more….in Gratitude  as the title suggests is a book about thankfulness and gratitude for all that is graced upon us by the almighty.  It is a book of original prayers written by the author to keep herself afloat during some of the most trying periods in her life.  Though the prayers were written by the author for her own moments in time to connect with the almighty, it was soon realized the power prayers held especially those of gratitude that moves all of us to a place beyond- a place where we can connect with the one and the only and find not only our peace but much more within and without.  

Before publishing it as a book, the author would at random read out a prayer or two written by her to friends who were going through their own turmoil's, chaos, disorder etc and was told that due to its intense nature, her prayers had helped to heal and spark something within. She was often told that the prayers authored by her were real, touched a chord somewhere deep within and were expressed in the most beautiful of ways as if meant just for them.  Many friends urged the author to blog or publish a book so as to help others.  The author initially did not take it seriously but soon enough a seed was implanted that if she could inspire even just ONE person somewhere to rise above the inclination of suicide, the feeling of depression, and the anxiety/ panic attacks that she herself had risen above then the effort to put out a book would all be worth it.

Not only does the book of prayers have the potential to help all those suffering in any which way but has the latent impending possibility to help even the happier lot to ascend/ climb to the next step in their lives towards living a little better, a little more contented, a little more connected and a little bit of a whole lots of things that they never recognized or realized possible.  

The book is not meant to be read at one go from beginning to end, page by page.  It is proposed as a hand/ pocket book kept at the bedside with a prayer picked up at random each day, any time of the day preferably on getting up in the morning and at end of the day just before sleeping.  It could also be carried in the purse/ bag while traveling or kept in a drawer in the office. It need not be even read every day but at times when one is feeling unconnected and separate from the world, when someone is down and under and to come to balance and be in equanimity with life at even times when one is excited, happy and at peace with oneself.  

You will soon realize how each prayer that you pick up will be that which is most relevant to your situation or need at hand.  At times to the author's surprise, not only her but a friend would pick up the same prayer over and over till the outside situation resolved or they felt differently inwards. This was so even when the act of picking up a prayer was done totally at random.   It was later realized that this was essentially so because at times each and every word is to be imbibed within- deep within before a connection weaves its way through to foster - within and without.

Yes, all is possible because the almighty, nature, universe, energy above and around each one of us, God, Allah, Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Guru, messiah call them what one may works in mysterious ways to make our world a better place to live in- in all inclusiveness and in togetherness.

Try it for yourself and see the possibilities emerge- the first possibility of opening up from deep within to connect completely as one whole.  However, the pre-requisite is whatever you do, do in earnest and whole heartedly to recognize and realize many possibilities thereafter.

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