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B.M. Thoresson
ebook EPUB
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Visitors ebook: EPUB



The book is about a young American who loses his family at an early age.

His grief gives him the strength to develop an unbelievable powerful brain, which allows him to do many things with his brain, for e.g. lift things.

On turning 21, he inherits the family fortune, but instead of taking over the business, he goes on a skiing holiday which results in him saving the lives of some Aliens who claim to be the Guardians of the Earth.

He goes to a monastery to fine tune his fighting ability.

After he returns home, he gets invited by the guardians to visit their planet.

Mike discovers the reason why the earth was born.

On his second day on the planet, the planet is attacked by another planet.

Using his brain power he defeats the enemy. This stands him in good stead with the rulers.

He goes on assignments with the aliens to other planets.

He discovers there are other aliens on earth and with the help of the guardians; he starts to hunt them down.

This exercise takes him to different parts of the world and meets world leaders.

He is forced to introduce them to the guardians to get their help.

While on a mission to recover an alien weapon, there is an explosion.

Mike wakes up in hospital and is told he was in a skiing accident nine months ago.

He wonders if he dreamt all of it.

He decides to go to all the areas that he can remember from his dream.

He takes a doctor with to monitor his brain waves while he searches for proof of the aliens.

After not finding anything, he decides to call it a day and escorts the doctor to the airport.

On his way from seeing the doctor off at the airport, there is an incident which makes him realise that he was not dreaming.

He meets up with a cousin who he did not know he had, who is also looking for aliens.

His cousin helps him track down aliens and in the process his cousin is killed.

Mike swears revenge on the leader of the aliens.

Mikes endeavors lead him to meet up with the guardians once more and he continues to hunt down aliens.

Mike and the aliens are compelled to get help from different Governments on Earth.

Mike eventually helps an alien who turns out to be the leader of the group who killed his cousin.

Mike then discovers the real plot hatched a long time ago on a distant planet for the earth.

With the help of government forces and an alien princess who can read minds, Mike's adventure takes on a new meaning.

             This story is really very far fetched, or is it? You decide.


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