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A Taste for Experience (A Taste for Romance, #1)
Red Lamp Press
ebook EPUB
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A Taste for Experience (A Taste for Romance, #1) ebook: EPUB

Reeks: A Taste for Romance

Sixty-five year-old Clarissa has just found out that her husband of over forty years is cheating on her with a younger woman. Desperate for some space, she decides to take a vacation at a popular resort. While sitting by the pool, a beautiful young man engages her in a conversation that seems to suggest he may be interested in more than a casual acquaintance. When the handsome stranger reveals his very particular--and refined--taste in women, what begins as a chance encounter with a boy less than half her age turns into a once in a lifetime opportunity to indulge in a night of wild, uninhibited passion. This steamy 7,000 word erotic story about a mature, older woman and a sexy younger man is filled with graphic and explicit language, including oral sex, cunnilingus, and passionate intercourse.   "I find women your age attractive," he continued. "You know how to take care of yourselves. You're classy. You have style." He paused, looking at her intently. "And you know what you want and how to get it. Not to mention, you know what you're doing." He picked a pack of cigarettes up off the table beside him and shook one out. "Are those good enough reasons, or do you need more?" Is he telling the truth, or is he telling me what I want to hear? "You seem unusually mature for your age," she said, watching him put the cigarette to his lips. "Is that a crime?" "No, but it's uncommon." "I like to think I'm a little less predictable than other men. Do you smoke?" he asked, picking up the lighter. "Not for twenty years," she said, leaning down on her side. She held her head up with her hand and held her drink in the other, watching him. "I don't either. Except when I have sex." Her heart skipped a beat. Well, he's bold, at any rate. "Are you planning on having sex?" "Aren't you?" He took a long drag from the cigarette. She pursed her lips. "You seem awfully confident, considering we've just met." He tapped ashes into the ashtray perched on the arm of the chair. "Clarissa, you're retired, not dead." She froze. "How do you know my name?" He took another sip of his drink and another drag from his cigarette. "I asked the girl running the desk. She wasn't hard to convince." "I bet," she said, taking another drink. "I gave her a twenty and a smile. She's not my type," he said. "Neither is the maid," he said, nodding at the rumpled sheets. "I just don't like being disturbed." Clarissa felt the gin starting to take effect. The warmth in her throat was extending elsewhere, loosening her up. "You're an interesting man," she said. As soon as she said it, she realized it was true. She'd taken him for a male slut, but he was proving to be much more intriguing. And he didn't seem to be digging for money. "That's because I hang around with interesting people," he said, setting his empty glass on the table. He got up from the chair and climbed onto the bed beside her, surprising her, and making her pulse race. "Most of my lovers are successful businesswomen and professionals. CEOs, politicians, doctors, art curators. You don't get those kinds of experiences from sorority girls." "You really get around, don't you?" She wanted to pull away but the smell of his skin held her fast. Citrus. Sandalwood. He didn't smell like a pool anymore. She wanted to taste him. "Clarissa, I'm attracted to older women, I'm not dead," he said, taking the half-empty glass from her hand and setting it on the nightstand. "I have the libido of a young man, I just have better taste in women." He leaned in to kiss her...  

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