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First Interstellar (Future Chronology Series, #11)
Hiawassee Publishing
ebook EPUB
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First Interstellar (Future Chronology Series, #11)

To The Stars

It was a mission that no one but a Jackson would consider. But Ajax was reluctant, he had never lead such a mission, taking a lightsail powered starship from Earth to the Centauri system using the incomplete Starway. He thought that strong leadership would be needed.

He was right.

The leader would have to handle the normal amount of human drama, both petty and serious. He would also have to handle the accidents and incidents that would occur on a years long mission. But on this mission he would have to handle something else; direct sabotage by unknown individuals and indirect sabotage as a result of the crew's boredom and dereliction of duty.

Ajax would have to grow as a leader and a person if the Starway Centauri mission was to succeed.

This hard science fiction, old school.

"First Interstellar" is a short novel of approximately 100 pages (180 pages including appendices) and concludes the Future Chronology series of stories.

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The pod hatch slid open, Alex climbed in. He hurriedly hit the eject lever before even strapping himself in. The rapid acceleration of the pod caused him to hit his head against the hatch which accelerated to meet the unstrapped occupant.

Alex was momentarily stunned.

Eventually, he was able to shake himself into consciousness. He seated himself at the flight controls and strapped in. Due to his momentary lapse the pod was farther from the ship than he had planned but it should still have the fuel to maneuver where he wanted to go.

He turned the pod with the attitude jets. He boosted the main rockets and felt the push of the seat on his back. He headed for the rear of the spaceship which was traveling rocket forward for the deceleration phase. Alex knew that the back of the ship, like the front, besides a powerful magnetic field to sweep aside charged particles was also heavily plated for protection against solid uncharged projectile collisions. The only break in this barrier at the rear was the framework of the magnetic rocket nozzles themselves. But the fusion exhaust could easily burn up any space debris below a certain size and the ship could be maneuvered to avoid any larger debris.

But there was an angle at the side of the nozzles where an object could approach without being caught in the fusion exhaust or magnetic field. Alex had every intention of hitting that angle and damaging the nozzles even though it would probably mean his death.

He maneuvered his pod around the ship and came in at an angle. He was just about on course when he felt himself begin to lose consciousness. He fought it off but the moments lost were critical. The pod missed the proper angle and was drifting across the magnetic field lines straight into the fusion exhaust.

Alex thought of his mom and dad.

At several thousand degrees Kelvin the exhaust plasma quickly vaporized the pod with only a momentary drop in ship's thrust.

Inside the ship they were watching Alex's attempt at sabotage.

"That's it," said the crewman monitoring the magnetic screens and rockets. "A very small blip in thrust output."

"He knew what he was doing just miscalculated his course by a small amount," said Arn.

"We were lucky," said Ajax.

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