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Realities of Marriage
Dorcas Oludairo
ebook EPUB
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Realities of Marriage ebook: EPUB

God began human history with marriage in the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve to formally set up the family. God ordained marriage as the oldest monogamous institution and He is both the Principal Actor and Witness of the first marriage. The scriptures began in Genesis with marriage between the first humans made in the likeness and image of God and ended in Revelation with the marriage Supper of the Lamb. This shows how important marriage is before God. Marriage is God's sacred institution designed to instil the dignity of man, hence, He wrapped Himself in the relationship to form a three-cord fold that cannot be easily broken. Despite God's good intention for man in marriage, man failed the first deception test, as he danced to the music of Satan's deceit. Since then, marriage and the family have become the target of the enemy called Satan. All over the world, there are many sick and unhealthy marriages where couples are managing and enduring their relationships rather than enjoying it. Many couples are living together like rat and cat under the same roof. Peace, joy, togetherness and the great benefits of marriage elude them. The reasons are not far-fetched as this book unveils.

Marriage is a journey, not a destination, and its end justifies the means. A lot of sick marriages remain so because couples go into it without understanding the rules of the game. The rate at which they rush into it is the same at which they rush out. Many are ignorant of what the bible says about marriage and therefore, are ill-prepared for the tasks ahead. The shallow knowledge of what the future holds make them handle marriage with levity. A lot of persons got into marriage before they discovered that the fervent love expressed during courtship, wedding and honeymoon soon diminished over time. A great number of couples are taken aback when they encounter marital challenges, they become discouraged and lose hope. It is therefore very pertinent for couples to count the cost of marriage before they dabble into it. Marriage is not a child play, it is a business. It is God's business, program, agenda and priority, it cannot be toiled with. This book addresses the Realities of marriage–it provides insight on how to deal with everyday events in marriage. It will help you to reflect who you are, discover your spouse real identity and expose possible hidden agenda that spouses, Satan or other parties may have. In a nutshell, realities of marriage spell the fact that:

·         God must be the Author of your marriage, without Him, you will crash-land.

·         Counting the cost of the new venture called Marriage get couples ready physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically and spiritually.

·         Wise persons going into marriage look beyond wedding.

·         Are there hidden agendas in your marriage? If so, such can be unveiled from day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year until death. There are gains and loses.

·         Marriage is a Triune relationship, a three-legged institution. Once it loses any of the legs, the balance is lost, and it cannot stand.

·         Romance sustains marital union. It prevents marriage from crashing. A marriage becomes dead when romance is missing.

·         Your home can be turned to a love garden when your marriage is renewed on daily basis.

The success of marriage does not necessarily depend on the absence of difficulties, challenges, failures and disappointments.

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