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Did Islam Change? Or Did the Muslims Change?: Book IX: The Meaning of Jihad in Islam and Book X
White Ink Press
Druk vanaf
430 pp.
ebook EPUB
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Did Islam Change? Or Did the Muslims Change?: Book IX: The Meaning of Jihad in Islam and Book X ebook: EPUB met Adobe-DRM

The Jihad Within

The Meaning of Jihad in Islam and The Jihad Within are the third and fourth installments of a projected series titled Did Islam Change? Or Did the Muslims Change? The books were written by Ghani, an American Muslim who has lived with his family in Pakistan for over thirty years to learn about Islam and his cultural roots. The series, which took more than eight years to write, explains the tenets of Islam through the words of the Qur'an.

In The Meaning of Jihad in Islam and The Jihad Within, Ghani explains Islam's teachings regarding Jihad. Although the word "Jihad" is often cited by the media, it is remarkable that many people are ignorant of the true meaning of the word. Using the words of the Qur'an itself, Ghani explains the issues of Jihad in their true context. Islam, being the literal definition of peace and harmony of nature and onward the universe, condemns war, disorder, and bloodshed. Islam permits Jihad only as a last resort to protect the sanctity of life, or for the defense of freedom of worship not only for a Muslim but for that of the adherent of any faith.

Ghani endorses that the world coming together to wage a quick, overwhelming, and permanent offensive against those who cause terror, bloodshed, and disorder to the land and its people. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are deserving of this offensive in every nation of the world. But in the end, he believes the best and surest way to defeat Islamic militancy and terrorism and preachers of hate will not be by way of drone attacks or waging war overseas, but by the might of the pen and written word. It is the writer's view that the only and surest way to defeat the Islamic militancy and terrorist threat is to inform and explain in detail what Islam really is. When people from all faiths and walks of life come to know what Islam really is, Islamic militants, terrorists, and preachers of hate will lose their wind and sink.

Fourteen centuries ago, Islam was revealed for the spiritual and material benefit of mankind. The teachings of the Prophet transformed the backward and pitiable Arab peoples into examples for the world to follow. For almost five centuries, Muslim scholars contributed much to the medieval world in terms of wisdom, science, and technology. They taught Europeans about algebra and optics, astronomy and chemistry, and even introduced ice cream. The light of erudition in Muslim books and instruments helped take Europe out of its long and difficult Dark Age and into the Renaissance. But, ironically, much of the Muslim world today is populated by the most backward and troubled peoples on the planet. The Qur'an is exactly the same today as it was when it was revealed to Muhammad over 1,400 years ago. The Azan, or Muslim call to prayer, is spoken exactly the same today as it was during the time of Averroes, as are the words of the Muslim prayer itself. The Muslim fast of Ramadan is exactly the same today as it was centuries ago.

It seems that Muslims today must ask a vital question: Did Islam change? Or did the Muslims change?

It is hoped that this series, which is based on the writer's experiences in both America and Pakistan can help readers find some solutions to the various and complex issues we see in the world today.


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