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Tales of the Dead
J. C. Jones
ebook EPUB
Thrillers & misdaad
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Tales of the Dead ebook: EPUB

 The end of the road-Here is a man named, James Franklin, about to meet his long-awaited destiny, but he does not know it yet. He spent all his life doing wrong to others and Karma has showed up to collect a debt., he owes. He is found by a young black man wondering through the woods lost, and the young man leads him through the woods and swamps running away from the law. He stays at a Plantation house called The Lowery Plantation. The people staying there with him are out of place and time, long gone, but not forgotten. Coming in contact and living with these people, and their strange ways of living, brings him to the brink of insanity. 

Hard Fall from Grace-This is a story about Michael Ross a man that was common as a June Bug, but crawled, fought, cheated, swiped, and bamboozled his way to the top of the movie industry. When he got to the top of his game, and became a movie producing icon years later, he forgot his roots and where he came from. He treated his subjects to rule over, as any tyrant would rule over in his kingdom with degrading disrespect. Michael Ross is the owner and CEO, (Chief Executive Officer), of Dream Machine Studios. He has come to the end of his life, but does not know it yet. Being his last weekend on earth, he makes one fatal mistake that cost him dearly, when Karma comes a knocking on his door. It is time for him to pay-up for all his misdeeds in life, in one night of hell.

The Legend of Curtis Low-This is a story I am about to tell you about of Curtis Low. Curtis Low was a black man who lived his life in solitude. A real recluse, Curtis Low did not bother anyone and kept to himself. The local Ku Klux Klan, (a white supremacist group), came to him in the middle of the night, blaming him for a crime he did not do. In the end, they murdered Curtis. He died in such a rage he reached out from the grave to get justice, and justice he received, in a timely manner, with the help of Karma coming to his aid. One by one the Klansman started dying off in mysterious ways, frightening the towns people into closing and locking their door before the sun went down. The mid-sized town of Stylesville Mississippi was his home, with a small population of 5.000 and growing. They never forgot Curtis Low and what he did from the grave, which all started, The Legend of Curtis Low.

 Blue Blood Hunt Club-Occasionally in every man's life, he is tested just ones in his life to see what he is made of. Is he a true man or a sniveling wimp of a man? Is he a brave man or a coward? How far will he go to prove he is a man? What is at odds and what is at stake to prove he is a true man in every definition of a man? When challenged, how far will he go and what will he bet to prove he is a man? Men with large egos all think they have what it takes in distinguishing themselves from others as the, "Movers and Shakers", of the world, live by their own set of rules. These men of the world walk among us as the, "Social Elite", are also referred to as, "The Blue Bloods". So, what does a group of Blue Bloods on a stormy night do for fun? They make a high-stakes bet among each other to see who will stay in one of the most haunted places in Europe, with a deadly past, if their man enough to do so. A haunted sanitarium riddled with an evil past of human torture and death. They know this is a place of great danger to deadly proportions they have never experienced before. Who is greedy, willing, and man enough to stay one night in a place straight out of hell?


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