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Cuckold's Cliff
Boruma Publishing
ebook EPUB
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Cuckold's Cliff ebook: EPUB met watermerk

Book 6 of 'The One Less Traveled'

Nick and Nicole’s hotwife and cuckold husband experiment is a resounding success…until it isn’t. Their sexy triad seems poised for more exciting and erotic fun, until Collin unexpectedly disappears with Nicole, leaving Nick frantic with worry. Sheila senses an opportunity with Nick. Nicole, lost in her boyfriend’s spell, realizes her sexuality is still evolving when she meets someone new.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~My phone rang right when we’d finished. It was Nicole.“Hey, gorgeous. How’s the weekend going?”“Great. I love you, and thank you again for letting me stay with Collin this weekend.”“You’re welcome. Please come back to me when the weekend ends.” I was only half-joking.“Of course I will.”A loudspeaker in the background drowned out her next comment.“Nicole, where are you?” The line was suddenly quiet. “Nicole?”She sighed. “I’m at the airport.”“Airport? Are you going out of town?”“Yes, our flight is leaving in a few minutes.”“Where are you…”She hurried to interrupt. “Collin doesn’t want me to say.”“What? When are you going to be back?”“I’ll call you on Sunday. Okay?”“Are you serious? No, it’s not okay! You’re leaving town, and you won’t tell me where you’re going, or when you’ll be back.” She didn’t respond, and the silence built until I couldn’t take it anymore. “What part of that is supposed to be okay?”“You already agreed to Collin and me spending the weekend together,” she reminded me a little sharply. “What difference does it make where we go, as long as I’m back on Sunday?”I snorted. “If I’d known you were going out of town, I might not have agreed. Also, what if something happens to you?”“Nick, stop!” She sounded partly impatient, partly exasperated. “What’s done is done. I’ll call you when we land, and I’ll be back on Sunday.”I didn’t respond. My hands clenched, and I ground my teeth together. I’d been taken advantage of by my wife and her boyfriend. I struggled with my anger, but I also struggled to manage my excitement. Their surprise decision to leave town for the weekend made me feel powerless, and while that bothered me, it also excited me. My cuckold engine revved hard, drowning my anger in lust, excitement, and delicious angst.“Please don’t be mad, baby.” Now her voice was soft, soothing, and it lowered sexily as she talked. “I’ll tell you everything that happens when I get back. Besides, knowing I’m out of town with Collin turns you on! Doesn’t it?”“Uhh…”My weak response was as good as a confession, but I couldn’t think of a better reply. My wife’s voice strengthened with confidence, and a note of dominance laced her words when she pressed her case. “I belong to him this weekend. Not you. Behave, or you’ll wear that chastity belt until our kids graduate college. Understand?”Every bit of moisture evaporated in my mouth. I swallowed several times, but still wasn’t able to think of a response. My growing excitement choked any thoughts of resistance, and my anger meekly submitted to lust.I’d been an angry husband when we started our conversation, but after a few words from my wife, I’d transformed into a submissive cuckold.The worst part?I loved it. I yearned for it, in fact.Damn!My beloved hotwife wouldn’t stand for silence as a response, and her dominant voice stabbed my ear. “Answer me, cuck!”“I under…” My voice broke, and I swallowed convulsively several more times before I managed a response. “Understand.”“Good, boy. Now, we’re leaving in a few minutes. I’ll do my best to check in with you, but if last night is any indication, I’m going to spend most of my time naked and getting banged senseless.”Her words flooded my system with sharp, jagged cuckold angst, and I barely stifled a moan. It was the kind of manipulation I enjoyed, and she knew it. She ruthlessly exploited my submissive reaction. She pushed all the right buttons, and I melted into a quivering, horny pile of cuckold goo.

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