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A Jehovah's Witness Needgreater Novel - The Road to Xakatul
112 pp.
ebook EPUB
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A Jehovah's Witness Needgreater Novel - The Road to Xakatul ebook: ebooktype_EPUB_Drm

"There Is No Turning Back!"

Two Witnesses in a SUV called Hummingbird. Heading to a Branch project in Mexico. One puzzling phone call would change their lives forever. Justin's father has disappeared…MEXICO…SIERRA MADRE…MOUNTAINS…THE YEAR…1597…The old dapple-grey stallion had been galloping blindly, mouth frothing, eyes bulging, fearfully fleeing a nightmarish vision induced by the rabies virus… For some time, two barefoot XimXime Indian boys, hunting spears in hand had watched…"He has the sickness," the younger one said..."Yes," the older one replied. "From the leather winged birds that fly at night. He is almost dead."…The stallion was a descendant of the majestic horse herds brought to this land by the Spanish conquistadores. Now, he stood lathered with sweat, head hanging in exhaustion. With a final loud snort the horse shuddered deeply, dropped to his knees and then fell on its side with a solid thump and lay still… Just under its straggly mane, were two little bite marks…MEXICO…SIERRA MADRE MOUNTAINS…THE YEAR…1998… Consumed by his quest, Archie Coleman had begun to neglect his appearance. Like some bushy bearded rock star from the 70's, his straw colored hair grown long, poked out from under the brim of a cap smashed down haphazardly on his head. The badge glinting in the glow from his flashlight read: U.S. Park Service. Archaeology…For months, Archie Coleman had searched the mountains for an entryway into the hidden valley before finally discovering an underground entrance. For the past hour he had followed a well worn pathway leading deep inside this dark subterranean cave. Now he stood puzzled to find the trail ended abruptly at the edge of a placid pool of water…He let the beam of his flashlight play over the cavern walls and stop on what looked like some cave paintings… Intrigued, he scrambled across the rough rock ground to get a better look. He rubbed dirt off the wall to expose the images.

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