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Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata
Partridge Publishing India
ebook EPUB
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Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata

Manifested Nature and the Utility of One's Upright Logic Vol 2

'Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata' is an inspired sharing at the appointed time. It shares for the First Time in the History of Pen-Paper-Pencil Epistemology those Manifest Truths which are being concealed historically from mankind in general. Due to concealment of Manifest Truth and Projection of Manmade Falsehoods within the domain of Epistemology by the International Killers of Faith & Belief as well as their Agencies & Institutions, we [almost all save International Criminals] are far from clear concepts [Self-evident Truths] of Upright Rectangular Universe, Manifested Hexagonal World within Non-luminous Moon of the East Horizon, Appearing Pentagonal Earth, Sirius Binary System [Trinity], Three Ascending Stair Ways, Four Cardinal Directions in resemblance with Four Basic Forces & in correspondence with Crucified Sign, Equal & Opposite Manifested Sign of Sole Magnetism from North to South & South to North, Equal & Opposite Moons [Uranus & Neptune] of the Equal & Opposite Zone, Right Direction of performing Salat [Namaz] facing each other towards Upright West [Arsh], appointed day of observing Idd uniformly, Upright West Region of the Appointed Kaba, Straight Middle-East Region of Bermuda Triangle, existential imports of Nine Tokens given to Muusaa (ass) i.e. projected nine planets, and the like. It is self-evident that we know nothing after having known much due to Projected Epistemology. Consequently, we are living under Man-made Nature and are fighting to liberate animals from Manifested Nature. Each searched out Manifest Truth shared in the 'Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata' will appear either contrary or contradictory to uncountable pen-paper-pencil works and mechanical activities prevailing in the History of Projected Epistemology. 'Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata' published by Partridge Publishing, 2016, is the first pen-paper-pencil work [self-published book] in the History of Epistemology which not only explores with experimentum crusis and crucial instances the Trinity of Manifest Hypocrisy – Teleological Evidence Sorcery – Extreme Epistemic Persecution, 6310 Conspiracy Commentaries of the researchers of IFTA on Quran in resemblance with Introduced Man-made Magnetism & Invented Circular Rotation & Revolution System of NASA, Nexus of Self-evident Plagiarisms prevailing in the so-called research works etc. but also shares Manifest Truth [Injiil in correspondence with Tawraat] with reference to verifiable truth of facts [Real Science] and justifiable necessary truth [True Philosophy]. As 'Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata' shares Irreversible Manifest Truth searched out on the basis of Four Revealed & Established Criiterions [Units / Scales] of Truth in resemblance with Universal Major Premises [Coded Shared Tautologies], so, it is beyond scepticism. Sceptic of Irreversible Manifest Truth is instructed to commit Suicide. Projected impact factors, API Points, pentagonal star marks, citations, criticisms, critical remarks, critical reviews, commentaries, Peter Singer's concept of liberation, John Rawls' Veil of Ignorance, John Locke's Tabula Rasa, Copernican Universal Mal-observation, Kepler's Elliptical Axis, Astronomy, Mysticism, Spiritualism, Sufism, Rucksack of According to etc. have no existential imports with respect to searched out Irreversible Manifest Truth shared in the 'Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata'. On the contrary, 'Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata' has proclaimed 'Greatest War' or 'Jihade-Akbar' against International Epistemic Persecutors who have concealed Manifest Truth from the domain of education and have projected Man-made Falsehoods as Manifest Truth within the domain of Education in the name of Scientific Certainty. So, 'Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata' rightly deserves verification, justification, recognition, and...
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