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Love Never Dies - A Psychic Artist Illustrates True Stories of the Afterlife
Jane's Inspiration, LLC
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228 pp.
ebook EPUB
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Love Never Dies - A Psychic Artist Illustrates True Stories of the Afterlife ebook: EPUB met Adobe-DRM

Psychic artist and medium Jane de Forest draws on the invisible world behind our five senses in this entertaining first-hand account of people reunited with loved ones and animals in the afterlife. She investigates how the connections and bonds shared in earthly relationships are unbroken by death in this richly illustrated book filled with beautiful art and gentle insights. Based on true stories, Love Never Dies is a humbling and magical journey through the struggles, mishaps and heartfelt rewards of translating messages between different realities. From ancient mysticism to modern New Age philosophy, this book is an excellent read for those interested in parapsychology and prophecy, reincarnation and spiritual healing, as well as a lovely gift for those grieving loss. “Three generations of women created this work: my elderly mother did the heavy lifting with hours of rewrites, and my 12-year-old art-prodigy daughter Tara illustrated half of it. The romantic image of being a published author dimmed quickly with heated debates (read: editing wars) with my maternal editor about important topics such as commas; this process took three years and seemed to have a mind of its own -- the stories hounded me into the wee hours of the morning when I was without defenses. Once I figured out that writing the stories down insured uninterrupted sleep, this book was born. I hope this work will make a small difference in a world that has forgotten what is important. I am deeply grateful to my clients and family for allowing me the opportunity to share their private spiritual journeys. Truly, we are all interconnected and entangled . . . love is our foundation . . . I am proud an honored to share my heart with you.” Jane de Forest For signed and numbered prints of the illustrations as well as information about intuitive consultation, coaching, workshops, sacred journey travel and Jane’s pro- bono work with autistic kids . . . please check out her website: Jane’s Inspiration ;-) Ancient wisdom & conceptual ideas shared in this book: •Love never dies and the sweet bonds of heartfelt relationships exists forever – you’ll be united with your animals and people it’s just a matter of time. •Psychic animal (horse & dog, look for cats & bees in my next book) communication or inter-species ESP -- extra-sensory perception. The truth is animals know what you are thinking. •Spiritual psychology and philosophy -- our temporary home on Earth is a type of school, albeit elementary, to learn spiritual lessons. •Karma or “golden rule” is real; there is an energetic feedback loop. •The future is visible and malleable -- you can and do affect it. •Personal growth and transformation -- it is easier to resolve conflict and let go of resentments while still on Earth. •Mental and spiritual healing -- the affect we have on loved ones on the Other Side with your thoughts and feelings. •Life-force chi energy can be optimized for self-empowerment and how to. •Mediumship, spirit communication or your basic “talking to dead people” •Mother Nature has equipped us ALL with abilities to intuitively receive knowledge; it just takes a little training. In addition to writing, coaching and teaching workshops, I also love to garden, cook and hike with my family in the beautiful northern rainforest of the Pacific Northwest. I am a community volunteer and donate time teaching art in schools; I've recently taken up helping save the bee in our area . In my pro-bono work, I use ESP to help kids with severe disabilities who can't communicate in traditional way. namaste, jane ;-)

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