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Mary--Raised in a Whorehouse by a Blackfoot Spirit Woman
Blue Valley
ebook EPUB
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Mary--Raised in a Whorehouse by a Blackfoot Spirit Woman

This is a refreshing look at the way it really was in the old west. No flourishes, no fancy descriptions, just reality. Mary was a sixteen year old girl who took life as it came and made the best of it.
Mary Jo Blaisdell

This handwritten story was in an old chest I bought at an auction.  There are many corrections and many notes stuck between the pages, and the ink and pencil are faded and often difficult to read.  I have had to guess a few times.

The name Mary Faraday Huntington does not appear in any of the old records.  Whoever wrote the words shamelessly talks about things rarely mentioned in stories of the Wild West.  Her story is the way it was long ago, not the sugar coated fairy tales of book and Hollywood.

A Tale of the Wild West of Long Ago

I've led a wild life and had a hell of a good time.  I still have my nose, all my fingers and my scalp thanks to my high intelligence, strength, quickness, excellent judgment, and a little help from all my many, many friends.  I promise not to lie too bad.  If you are a prissy little thing, best to pass on by.  If you are a sensitive, refined gentleman, best to pass on by.

 I was born in 1832 at Independence, Missouri.  My mother died when I was 9 months old and an Indian woman working at a whorehouse was the only one Christian enough to take me in.  Don't know who my father was but he must have been big, strong, and sharp as a whip.  Probably an army man having a little fun.  Sure they call me a bastard, but they learned quick enough not to do that to my face.

Jennie is a Blackfoot spirit woman and a real good mother who cooks and cleans at Polly's Paradise.  We have a little room in the basement.  Her real name is Aokii'aki, Water Woman.  She taught me sign and Blackfoot, how to live off the land, and how to fight with my hands and feet and knife.  And, she is teaching me the ways of a Spirit Woman.

I only saw Aokii'aki real sad once.  When I asked why there were tears in her eyes, she said she was remembering a night long ago, sitting around a fire.  Her father, a Blackfoot medicine man, came over and looked into her eyes.

A little while and I will be gone from among you, whither I cannot tell.
From nowhere we come, into nowhere we go.

What is life?
It is a flash of firefly in the night.
It is a breath of a buffalo in the wintertime.
It is as the little shadow that runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

When I started to blossom Jennie took me to a little pond not far away and we gathered a big bunch of cattails.  And she taught me how to use my body with a man and how to stop babies.  Osgar kindly demonstrated how to drive a man crazy.  The big, smelly apes can be a lot of fun but most are pretty dumb.  Suckers for sex.

The horny guys coming to Polly's Paradise pretty much left me alone unless I invited them because they're afraid of Polly and Jennie.  But one night a guy from out of town didn't know no better and pushed me into the alley next to Polly's.  The fat idiot died quick.  I got a fine pocket watch, pulled two gold rings off his fingers, and cleaned his pockets.

Jennie took me quick down to the creek to wash out the blood.

There was hell to pay the next day.  He was a banker, carrying client funds. They searched and searched but never found all that money or his killer.  I watched with a gentle smile and a happy song.  Nobody suspected a sweet, little girl.

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