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Instincts and Culture
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Instincts and Culture

A Story of African-American Understanding

The objective is to examine some traits as one grows from mental slavery, civil rights, and towards redemption to enlighten one's journey of knowledge. This comes from the mental choices made with adolescent ways. Taking studies from the understanding that this gathered intelligence teaches that not only faith can be increased, but awareness may be examined too, to understand what provocations one is subjected to in this other world. This view comes from not worrying about what is to come, but common sense to prepare for what is to happen. Experience is the point, revolving around short stories of our ties to roots, rock, reggae, love, and spirituality. Goals are beyond personal achievement to knowledge of self in the political arena, resulting in examination of the bondage and glory of the culture behind our spirit. A drama has already been played, so one is partially acting out a part of the ancestral spirit, who struggled and survived some of the same circumstances. As a separation, variation in thinking and philosophy supports change due to uniqueness in character. So the theory derives, and there is an increase in personality and situation is handled. Therefore, the ideas are a journey's notice of difference in what is called a need for a true image. This is, however, a challenge due to hard or distinctive definitions. The challenge is how hard it is to press on against stagnation and major beliefs. The notice that one has is differs based on variables chosen in making up a belief system. In other words, aspects of life and experience offer challenges against nature, providing a fresh take on what is dealt. Ideas as peripheral explanation are views of ancestral past that is a division from physical ways. Eventually a reason is picked up for belonging to a culture, and love for a basis has a stronghold. The requirement is good judgment and instincts. A battle for instruction and life then understanding what is the will, just and upon so, chosen. The decision purge the heart with immovable soundness so that it will not go from us. The presentation to believe is argumentative due to ranges of deceit measured against efforts of work and organization. As an art of distinction, the opportunity is to allow permeation to not fail meaning learning from the experience. Any opposition or silencing components by reaction and conformity is a reason against the power. The ideals compete with truth and survive as a part of behavior that supersedes any wars that arise, so a solid stand is made to interfere with the environment given to a point where principles of the past show what all there is to obtain from the experience. Help leads back to an effort to supersede the power of the position one is in. Impressions on this level allow the mind to succumb to details that are basic and sometimes span. The ideas from being smarter measured against my soul father, wishes for a return to the path. Help me to be a destined imprint and a constant tear, leaving you behind for love gathered in fear. The groove theory is the wish to be a part of this culture that does not stop working towards recreation. As a force, the correction involved is a must, like the cornerstone being the just. Priorities are an issue when establishing an identity. Taking the path that is psychology-based, points one in the direction of alignment with the events captured. A view answers questions, like why did I occur in time and space as a young man against coincidences. Vast difference or common standings eventually follow the path in relation to the study of psychological and physical changes, which occurs in a definition that characterizes age. Motor skills, moral understanding, and eventually identity formation all...
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