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How To Write About Famous People That You Know (Writers Secrets, #1)
Jeffrey Lant
ebook EPUB
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How To Write About Famous People That You Know (Writers Secrets, #1) ebook: EPUB

Reeks: Writers Secrets

It is with the greatest possible enthusiasm, even glee, that I open this first volume of my new series from Writers Secrets. This series has been developing for a very long time, for over fifty years in fact. I have not only written, but have helped thousands of people worldwide to write, too.However, today, I take you to a whole new level. Never done before, I will show you how to master every aspect of writing so that you will know what to do, when to do it, how to do it. And, I will give you helpful models so you can see how I do it.In no educational institution with which I am familiar can you learn every essential point of what it takes to be a successful, that is to say, a money-making writer.Hitherto educators in the field of writing have simply said "To be a writer, one must write." This fatuous advice is neither useful nor productive. One needs to know more, and more again about writing before showing that writing to anyone.Once you've read the volumes in this series, you will be amongst the elite of the Earth, because good writers get all the goodies, name recognition, esteem, veneration, and, of course, money. For let us never forget, that "None but a blockhead writes but for money" (Dr. Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784, inventor of the first English language dictionary).I am tired of meeting people, particularly young people, who have been given that useless advice... to be a writer, one must write. In these pages, I shall show you the verities of writing, and the facts which will advance you... or, should you fail to use them, destroy any chance of your success.As we begin this exciting series of absolutely unique and unprecedented volumes, I want you to know that my goal here is cosmic, exhaustive, thorough, inventive, and powerful. By following these steps, and not the vagaries of any previousinstruction you may have had, you will find yourself awash in trophies... including fame, notoriety, affection, appreciation, awe, recognition, honor, and certain reverence.For all these, and so many other benefits, can and must be yours, if you will but understand the structure of successful writing, and work for a lifetime to perfect your skills. You see, the world loves writers, and I, therefore, love the world. For so many years now that I cannot even remember, writing has been my unstoppable rocket, matched by nothing else.You say, upon being asked, "What do you do for a living?" The response launches the beneficial process... "I am a writer." And by that we mean superior, intelligent, clever, shrewd, inventive, creative, and for the nonce, charming to a degree no average mortal can even wish for, much less attain.I shall be attending you every inch of this fabulous journey. For now you have an advisor of note, dexterity, inventiveness, truth, and may I say it, love. For seeing you advance will be one of the glories of my life. And I shall say as I see you rise, "This one came from me!" Be that one.Now let us begin. The topic of this first volume is not just writing, but writing about famous people you know. I have started with what could be construed as an advanced class because once you master this, you will be able to gainaccess and commendable results from any famous person in the universe.You will never say, if you have ever said, and might truly say, that you have nothing to write about... like a woman going to a closet full of gowns and saying "I have nothing to wear". You will never say again, having mastered this chapter, that you have nothing to write about. Master these guidelines, and fly high...

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