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Polar Bear Dawn (Bernadette Callahan Detective Series, #1)
Red Cuillin Publishing
ebook EPUB
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Polar Bear Dawn (Bernadette Callahan Detective Series, #1) ebook: EPUB

Reeks: Bernadette Callahan Detective Series

Detective Bernadette Callahan of the RCMP is trying to link multiple murders in Northern Canada to ones in Alaska.

Her contact in Alaska is Detective Mueller, recently back from from rehab, and put on the Alaska murders. He's been told to view the deaths as murder/sucide so the oil companies can put the bad publicity behind them.

Callahan sees it differently, she sees a plot to manipulate world oil prices. Her challenge is get Mueller on side, and to help him convince his team of detectives that they need to dig deeper.

Detective Callahan finds her challenges not only in the incidents that unfold, but also as she enters the strange world of wall street, and their recruitement of eco-terrorists to exercise their greed.

This book surfs the fine line between what is possible in the world of oil manipulation and the realm of science fiction.

The author draws on his many years of working in the oil and gas industry, as well as years of travelling to both Alaska's Arctic coast and Canada's far north.

When asked what was the impetus to write the book, Lyle Nicholson said, "I was staying in the the northern camp of Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean. All the buildings were suspended above the ground, with these stairs leading down to the ground, which was usually covered in snow. We were told to look for Polar Bears  lurking under the stairs to catch unsuspecting workers. It wasn't a joke."

"I thought, what if someone was found being chewed on by a polar bear, and the bear wasn't guilty? From that, Polar Bear Dawn was born."

The author was asked about the character, Bernadette Callahan, how did he come up with her?

"I spent several years working in the Security Industry, putting systems and manpower in place for Oil Companies and private industry. My view of the RCMP, (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) is that they were very old guard and mysogynistic. I wanted a character who would have to not only fight hard to get evidence and solve crimes, but also have to work hard within her organization to get things done."

Why did you make her Metis, (North American Native/White)

"There was something else I realized would bring out great conflict and angst in my main character. Native North American's have tremendous disadvantage in terms of self actualization.  Those of Metis or mix blood have the worst, and Native mix blood women are probably the ones with the hardest road to travel."

"My Detective Callahan is a proud Cree/Irish woman from a family of 6  brothers, born on a reservation with a white Irish Catholic father and Cree mother. Both who died when she was young."

Do you thing you heaped too much angst and anxiety on your main character, Bernadette Callahan?

"No, based on what I've seen in this world, I think Bernadette Callahan takes on the tusanmi of world troubles and deals with them in a realistic manner, which to say, is as best she can."

Are you proud of your first series?

"Yes, I'm very proud to bring Bernadette into the world. She has so many insights and strengths. She deals from her heart and relies on her instincts. She is, in a sense, what many of us need, a person who would be there for you and believe in you and have your back."

One last question Lyle, did you write this interview?

"Do I have to take a lie to detector test while I answer that?"

No you don't.

"Then, no I didn't write this interview.


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