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The Vagina Chronicles
Modern Day Pharoa
ebook EPUB
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The Vagina Chronicles ebook: EPUB

Mitochondrial Eve: the womb of man, the blossom of the bloom, the cataclysmic feminine creed, and the royal relatives of the reflexive universe. She is the mother to Isis, who actualized the bloodline pedigree, "know thy self." The very right thinking conversion which paradigm into the central guiding light, which saw Isis bringing Osiris back from the death. This bequeathed a pyramid bequest within the constellations, which called forth Cleopatra. In rare form, she came back as natures blossoming supernatural expression, to instill the womb of man's defense and the ultra-connection with the solar of space systems.Once laid to shrine rest, the beast of man, Behemoth, struck upon the feminine creed, with a vampirism hunger to feast and feed. While seeing to the bloodletting of hump-backed chaos, man decreed the womb of man from humanities natural superiority courtship of sacred holy scripts and all social, economic, and political monoliths. The Haggard saw through man's carnal maze. From her own insight, hindsight, and foresight, she was broken and bruised from the bygone medieval aged circus. She grew into her own nature and became the force of broken silence, which called all women from their medieval hovels and the perverse tyrants that caged them. She asked for them to erect their own Queendoms and become heroines in the Vagina Chronicles, that where yet to be scrolled. While pitching pails of water for man, at Eroten Egnotens well, where all women screamed about their perils, Gela and Europa answered the call the second they looked across the horizon. It was their blooming spontaneity and genuine bloom that held the essentials of speech and shielded with the first noted swaying of hips, colored lips, toes and finger tips. Knowing thy self and the fact they held up the source of refreshment, they founded "Erotica," known as the sport of Queens. This cemented a vagina dynasty. Their forbidden fruit, delectable nectar that was coated with wild flowers, was covertly augmented into fine dining arenas; seen as culinary arts new flavor that signaled the war of the age, which divided and began to conquer man.Catherine Christian, an A-list Hollywood actress and distant relative of Europa, freed the angelic call of arms. This set all women free from the sick and twisted chains that bound them to man. She knew firsthand of the no excuse attitudes of men on fire that ruled above the silver line behind the velvet rope and deep in space, ten leagues beneath the sea, where man stood out of the reach of all laws and prying eyes. Catherine incited a modern day vagina war; the front line soldiers were heiresses of order that scribed the onset of the Third World War. This was said to be against America and a third world nation, when in truth it exploded between woman and man. The earth was swallowed over night, when a lion of the royal lodge's head was severed, but not before he handed over a long range acoustic device, that was looted from the Sphinx in Egypt. It was used by an heiress at the world's summit, to see that all women were in tune and in one accord. Men in high positions saw women united for once as the watch counted down to a catastrophic end.King Jubelo, in the medieval bygone age struck to end the vagina conquest, which started chivalry and the celebration of open air love for the womb of man. He incepted the ring that cut into and killed off the womb of man's cosmic quest that was positioned out of man's reach and above the clouds. He decreed, in the rings inception, that woman was to fall rightly behind man, forever in holy matrimony.

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