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Cuckolded By Cupid On Camera
Boruma Publishing
ebook EPUB
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Cuckolded By Cupid On Camera

Cheating on Her Dom-Husband

Life was good for Big Dan. He was married to his submissive, Jenny, and they lived in a quaint seaside town in Maine. All was well until one day when fate, and possibly the entire town, conspire against him. When the perfect example of male masculinity appears in Jenny's shop, all Dan can do is watch on his recently-installed security cameras as his wife cheats on him without a second thought.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~


Jenny frowned up at the new CCTV camera her husband, Dan, had installed. "I'm in desperate need of some entertainment...and some sex," she announced, knowing he could hear every word. It was typical for her to get horny this time of day, but in truth, she was pretty much riled up twenty-four/seven.

All her life, Jenny craved a constant change of scenery to keep her entertained. Hell, she even craved constant changes in her marriage. Usually that wasn't a problem. However, last night her new interest had pissed Dan off. She wasn't giving up, though. She'd have his dominant butt on his knees in front of her by the end of next week.

When she married her Dom, it was the smartest thing she'd ever done. Dan understood her need to change things up and he also had quite a few tricks up his sleeve. She'd never seen a more manly man, and everything about him turned her on.

He was completely ripped and she loved it when he manhandled her and forced her to obey his every command. However, there were times when she didn't obey, because Jenni was a brat. She enjoyed getting into trouble, just to see what he'd do. She also knew exactly how far she could push him.

Now it was time to get to work and she tried to get motivated. There were items that needed put in storage, but all she could think about was sex. The front doors were locked, and she was completely alone, except for 'big Dan's security cam'. As she began unbuttoning her blouse, she smiled knowing the dominant man was always watching.

"I've got a surprise for you, Danny..." she called, in a sing-song voice.

Her new leather dominatrix catsuit was revealed as she pulled her clothes off, doing a spin for the camera. She opened a drawer and pulled out the strap on dildo and began…

Big Dan

Big Dan stood behind the counter, watching his customers work out. He ran the only gym for miles in their small coastal town and had customers of all ages, even senior citizens.

Just as he walked away from the counter, his wife's voice called him back, coming from the computer speaker. Oh, boy, he knew that tone. He returned to see what the brat was up to. There really was no telling with her. The restless woman craved attention and sex constantly. She was a handful, and that was no lie. Luckily, they both got off when he put her in her place. He liked to be in charge, especially in the sack.

He cringed at the memory of the previous night. As usual, another change was underway with the woman. Even though they had enough kinky sex toys to open a porn shop, Jenny brought home yet another box. As she pulled out a leather collar, leash, and rope, he thought of all the different ways he'd tie her up and use her curvy body. He would put that collar on her and make her eat her dinner on the floor, then… He was suddenly as hard as a rock...until she smiled and pulled out a strap-on dildo and a dominatrix catsuit.

He was off the couch in an instant. "Hell no!" he bellowed, storming out of the room, muttering angrily. The woman knew he was a dominant. How could she expect him to go for that? He felt like spanking her, which was actually one of his favorite pastimes.

Now he watched his gorgeous wife on the screen as she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing that damn cat suit underneath. He shook his head while planning her punishment.
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