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The Daughters of Men
Richard Ankony
ebook EPUB
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The Daughters of Men ebook: EPUB

This sci-fi thriller and romantic love story is about the return of "the sons of God" for their harvest, "the daughters of men" at the end of this present age which is today.  It is an affirmation of the "ancient astronaut theory" of what transpired before the "Great Flood" and before the creation of men.  This book will explain the reasons for the frequent and increasing appearances of the Gigantopithecus, the Yeti and Sasquatch, who are the original indigenous beings of the planet Earth and why now they want to retake it back at all cost. The Gigantopithecus or commonly called Sasquatch's mode of transportation is not just the deep forests of the earth, but also what has been gravely overlooked and in front of our very eyes is water.For the Gigantopithecus's relatively unknown hominid relative, known only by military black-ops as the Homo-Cryptid, or "Aquatic Gil-man" also uses the waterways of the earth as it's thoroughfare for it is not just a land creature but an aquatic creature as well.The reason why the Sasquatch and the "Aquatic Gil-man" have not been captured is because they live in the deep caves within the earth and the ocean. "There were giants in the earth in those days and also after that."  Genesis 6:1Both are primarily a nocturnal race, which come out from the deep most inner recesses of land caves and deep ocean abysses to feed and prey on life forms, including humans innocently swimming along beaches of the earth. These "aquatic creatures" are using the very waterways of the earth as secret highways beneath our very feet to accomplish their hidden and unknown agenda.It appears, that due to "human created toxicated dead zones" and "oxygen depleted" areas within the oceans has given rise to massive starvation for the "Aquatic Gil-man" which in turn forced them to enter into shallower waters. In America, they came in from the ocean depths via the Gulf Stream and entered into the Mississippi River Delta region then swam up into the Mississippi River Valley proper to spawn among a readily available abundant food source. Then, like an unseen secret army preparing for an invasion, they fanned out of the Mississippi River and into all the river tributaries that flow into it throughout the United States. From there, they dispersed via remote land routes and unused water inlets to enter into the killing fields in order to hunt their prey in backwater streams, marshes, swamps, lagoons, deep forests and beach fronts where unwary humans and animals congregate.The government in secret is using the verbal public threat of "Asian Carps", as the root cause to build dams and locks to prevent the proliferation of these destructive species from entering pristine waters.  Yet, the government in truth knows that it is the proliferation of the "Aquatic Gil-man" moving into all the major freshwater waterways of the earth as a man-eating carnivore that has their concern.The secret government and I and now you know, that the "Aquatic Gil-man" and the alien question cannot be hidden any longer from the public.Against this backdrop, be aware of drowning victims who were last seen struggling violently and apparently pulled under water and whose bodies where not found and those bodies that were found mutilated.Be further aware of boaters, kayakers and canoers apparently in excellent health without major issues who just suddenly disappeared even with a full survival pack on board. Be advised!" Richard Ankony, from the novel, "The Daughters of Men"

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