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I Can't Control Myself #4
Boruma Publishing
ebook EPUB
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I Can't Control Myself #4 ebook: EPUB met watermerk

21 Taboo Story Collection

He had no idea she could look so good…Here's 21 hot stories for you! They're chock-full of little brats losing it for the first time! That prince of the house doesn't know when to quit!You'll need a cold shower after this!~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Owen breathes a sigh of boredom as he stands next to Addison, his 18-year old stepsister. They're in the laundry room together and Owen is currently sorting through colors, separating out the articles of clothing so they can be washed correctly.Addison hums a tune as she goes about her business inside this cramped space with her stepbrother. She isn't sure how the two of them managed to convince each other to work together today -- this room is pretty tiny -- but she doesn't mind. In fact, she'd take any excuse to bump up close to her stepbrother over and over again.All Owen has been able to think about all day is Addison. It's hot out and all the blood is running down to his groin, making him hard more often than not. Besides that, Addison's just turned 18 and it's almost like this age flicked a switch on inside of her. She's become more sexual, more flirty, but more shy as well. The forbidden fruit."Hey Owen?" Addison asks. "Do you might giving my shoulders a bit of a rub? They're kind of stiff.""Sure," Owen replies, and he steps up behind his little sister, massaging the muscles beside her neck.Addison moans, closing her eyes at the wonderful feeling. Her stepbrother's hands are like magic. After a few minutes she turns around and he lets go of her. She looks up into his eyes."That was great, thank you," she says in a sultry voice. Owen doesn't look away from her stare."It was my pleasure," he says, and Addison smiles at him.Confusion racks Owen's brain as he thinks about his stepsister.She just looks so hot, and she's so smart and kind…what guy wouldn't want her? But he's her stepbrother. He can't be thinking this way. It's a violation of…something. Trust or something like that. Besides, he's certain that these thoughts are all one-sided. There's no way she'd even consider hooking up with a guy like him.…Right?"Wow," Owen says. Now that he's this close up to his stepsister he can't seem to stop from getting hard."What is it, Owen?" Addison asks him.Owen cocks his head to the side. "Well," he says, "it's just that having you here during the day…I've just been thinking bad thoughts."Addison's mouth opens a little bit as she looks at him."Bad thoughts?" she asks, and now Owen looks at her. They're locked together in each other's gaze."That's right," he says to her. "Bad thoughts."

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