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Our Little Secret #2
Boruma Publishing
ebook EPUB
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Our Little Secret #2 ebook: EPUB met watermerk

14 Steaming Hot Taboo Tales

She can't think clearly. All she can think about is him: his body, his eyes. And most importantly, the way he just kissed her.It's a shame that society looks down on something as hot as this! These little princes take their little brats, and they do it hard and without protection. Oh, and did I mention it's her first time?How can you say no to this?~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~"So for your birthday party…" Stephen says to Cheyenne, his stepsister, as he enters the dining room, "I hope you don't mind but I hired a clown."Cheyenne's jaw almost drops."You're kidding," she says. And Stephen can't contain the grin that appears on his face."Of course I'm kidding," he says with a laugh. "Having a clown at your 18th birthday party would be awful.""You're telling me," Cheyenne says, though she's laughing too.Cheyenne reaches up to her stepbrother's head, adjusting the pointed party hat that's on it."There," she says when she takes her hands away. "Much better."She gives him a smile.All Cheyenne's been able to think about is her stepbrother Stephen. He's been working out lately—or at least, that's how it seems—and he looks absolutely incredible. Even though Cheyenne's a virgin and has never even been with a guy, she knows that if she gets the chance she's going to do to Stephen what every man dreams of. She longs to touch him, to put her hands on his muscular chest, to wrap her fingers around his hard shaft and slide it into her.She'll just have to find a way how."Hey Stephen," Cheyenne says, and she swipes a finger through the frosting on her birthday cake, only to wipe it onto the tip of her stepbrother's nose."Oh!" he cries out in surprise, and she giggles as she comes up to him."Don't worry," she says before reaching up and wiping it away. He watches as she puts her fingers in her mouth, sucking the frosting off, her eyes locked with his the entire time.Stephen's heart beats fast as he thinks about his stepsister Cheyenne.He feels nervous because he's afraid. What's he afraid of? He's afraid of what could happen between them if he's given the chance. He knows how he feels towards her. But if Cheyenne gives even the slightest hint that she feels the same way, well…he's not sure he'd be able to hold himself back."You know, kiddo," Stephen says to his stepsister. "I must say, I get worried about you at your college sometimes.""Oh yeah?" Cheyenne asks. "Why do you get worried?""Because, all the guys there must be falling over themselves trying to get to you," he says. Cheyenne looks up at him as he takes in her incredible body and beautiful face with one look. "And I must say, if I were there, I'd do the exact same thing."Cheyenne swallows."Stephen…" she says, her voice sounding more breathy than usual.But Stephen slowly lowers his head down and whatever Cheyenne was going to say is forever gone as their lips come together in a kiss. Cheyenne's eyes close and she feels herself being pulled closer to his firm body. He holds onto her tighter, breathing in deeply through his nose. His lips part and hers follow suit, their tongues meeting together, dancing around one another in a lover's embrace.Their mouths dance together and Cheyenne feels Stephen's hands move to her upper arms, holding her. She reaches forward and puts her hands on Stephen's sides. She can feel the firmness of her stepbrother's body beneath his shirt.

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