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Cloud Vaping- The 4 Generations of Electronic Cigarettes Explained
CSB Academy Publishing Company
ebook EPUB
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Cloud Vaping- The 4 Generations of Electronic Cigarettes Explained

Cloud Vaping

The 4 Generations of Electronic Cigarettes Explained

What's Good and What's Not

I am Shane Alexander, if any of you read any of my previous books then you already know I have been involved in E-cigarette business for a long while now. I became an e-cig smoker back in 2010 after a minor throat surgery the story I shared in my first book.  I have started a great e-cig wholesale company which I sold recently. But as a user, as a wholesaler and still as a retailer, I have seen all sides of this industry. I also made four trips to China (Shenzhen province) to meet and visit e-cigarette factories and seen firsthand how they are produced. I can honestly tell you not all e-cigarettes are created equal, some are simply better built than others.

I am sure most of you have seen someone using e-cigarettes and the smoke they are producing is like a thick white cloud, I am sure you wonder what kind of device can produce such thick vapor, and if that can truly satisfy your craving. Well, the short answer is yes it really can. It can be much more enjoyable then burning a cigarette or any regular tobacco product.

I get asked often about the growh of this industry, my reply has always been the same, that is is still a much safer alternative than smoking regular cigarettes, based on my own personal experience after smoking real cigarettes for more than 25 years and now smoking e cig for last 7 years, it is a much better alternative for sure.

The reason I wrote this book is to share what has changed in this industry. For those of you that are just starting out, you will enjoy reading this as this book is a guide to what really is e-cigarettes and how e-cigarettes have evolved over the last decade.

But more importantly, I want you to see the difference between various e-cig devices in the market, some of which are very expensive while some similar ones are not. For any newcomer, that must be somewhat confusing, so I am here to share and educate you as to what is truly good and what is not.

I will show you each generation of e-cigarettes devices and tell you how they evolved to what you see around you now. I will also tell you how the e-liquid market have evolved over the years and how they are better made and better tasting nowadays. But remember not all e-liquids are created equal. So stay tuned and I will get started.

In this book I discuss:

  • The FDA rules and regulation

  • Past 3 Generation of

  • 4th Generation of e-cigarettes

  • Advantages of the 4th Gen e-cigarette

  • How to and Care for the new devices

  • How much should you spend a year on these devices

  • How can they save money

  • How to properly use and Store

  • How to maximize the of the devices

  • Tips to make them last longer

  • How to find the best devices and

  • 10 points to help you in your buying process

  • Where to buy

Happy Vaping folks, Enjoy!

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