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A is for Abandon
Lot's Cave, Inc.
ebook EPUB
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A is for Abandon ebook: EPUB met watermerk

Confused, neglected and sexually ignored, Betty is a mother of incredible sensuality and romance. All she needs is for her husband to notice; but when he ignores her obvious needs, she is inspired to look elsewhere by the handsome new border in her home. Surely Wilder’s latest kinky work of family love reveals what happens when a passionate woman suddenly discovers her true beauty and desires.

I couldn’t believe I was doing it as Peter guided me up. We were standing in front of each other and he reached his hands down to the hem of my dress and pulled the night gown up to reveal my breasts. “This is how your son should see you, Mamulya, naked, beautiful, available.” He stated as he cupped my cheek. “He should see the woman that made him.” Peter moved his hands down to my naked breasts and began gently stroking them. “The bountiful breasts that nourished him.” He praised as he moved his hands lower until they were upon my sex again. He pushed fingers inside of me as he whispered, “And appreciate the womb that formed him.” My eyes were closed as I listened to him imagining my son doing these very things to me.

Peter stepped into my arms and for the first time I felt his naked staff against my body but I wanted to feel more. I moved my hands to the waist band of his shorts and pulled them down. Now all of his cock was pressed against me.

“Yes, Mamulya, you should enjoy the khuy you made. You should see it, feel it, kiss it, and teach it how to pleasure women.” My god, Peter was reading my mind. He knew exactly what I wanted. He felt so hard and hot as he pressed his erect penis against my fleshy stomach. At the same time he leaned forward and began kissing me as he began dry humping my belly as he had done the day before. Only this time, we were both naked and there was nothing to stop us. It was no longer pretend as Peter held my face and licked my lips in a gentle and sensuous fashion. We were both grinding upon each other as he rocked even more fiercely into my fleshy tummy. Suddenly, his lips were full upon mine and he pried them open as he began to explore my mouth with his tongue. If this was the way he kissed his mother at home, I had no doubt that he did much more with her. I wanted him to do that with me. Suddenly, I felt him pump hard onto me and a warming lotion fell upon my flesh. Oh My God!!! I had done it. I had made him cum, my beauty alone had given him so much pleasure that he erupted upon my body.

Peter stilled in my arms and I held him gently. It was now my kisses that led the way as I gently prodded his lips with a thankfulness for what had just happened. Peter pulled away.
“I suppose you should go take a shower dear.”

“But I haven’t satisfied you Mamulya.”

“Oh, you’ve satisfied me more than you know.” I smiled at him and kissed him tenderly, “Now go before we get caught.”

 “Da, I’ll go with promise to do more after you have taken your son.”

“What do you mean?” I gasped.

“Would truly be honor to know the passion you possess, but until you have loved your son, I can do no more.”

“You mean, you will only do this again if I have sex with my son?” I asked.

“Da . . . must give action to desires Mamulya. Then you will know joy.”

Peter left. He was gone and I was left standing naked and alone in my kitchen with his sperm plastered on my belly. Well, that was silly. I looked at the time and knew that my family would be coming down in less than an hour. I thought for a second, what would Kathleen White do if her lover’s cum had been splattered upon her stomach. I didn’t have to think again. I began rubbing Peter’s thick love potion into my skin as I imagined what it would feel like for him to lose control and shoot his pungent sauce inside my mouth. Yet, to know this passion, I would first have to take my son inside of me. The flame was becoming ever so much brighter and I was being drawn to it urgently.

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