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Dan's Dirty Kitty: An Anthro Furry Erotica Love Story
Wicked Fantasies
ebook EPUB
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Dan's Dirty Kitty: An Anthro Furry Erotica Love Story ebook: EPUB met watermerk

Dan’s Dirty Kitty is an Anthro Furry Erotic Love StoryPepper is 5'2", pretty, sweet, smart, with a figure and ample bosom that would turn any man's head. She also has beautiful smoky grey fur, pointed ears and a tail.Pepper is a feline ‘fur’.Like many furs she was bought as a pet - a plaything, a toy, to be used for her owner’s enjoyment. Used, and sometimes abused.After years of neglect and mistreatment at the hands of her previous owner, Pepper is re-homed with Dan.Pepper has never been treated like a person before, and is confused by the feelings this awakes. Dan has no idea how to look after his pretty new pet.Especially when she comes into heat.Excerpt:"Rrrr....rrrr... oh... Mrrrw.... Ysss..." Her pants grew louder as the flexible toy hot dog plunged in and out of her furrow. Dan took a slow step into the light, but still couldn’t say anything. Of course he had seen her naked, he helped her bathe herself often, and he knew she was sexy, but he didn’t think she would do this. Didn’t know she could be so sexual.​She’s probably thinking of some big strong tiger or tom she saw somewhere. A pang of jealousy shot through Dan’s heart and he was surprised by it.​"Yes.. yes... ohhhhhh... Dannnnnyyy.... Ohhhh... ysss... harder Dannnnyyy..." her voice was so low and husky he barely recognized it. Oh God. She called my name. Is she thinking of me? "Fffffff....fuuuu.... Fuuuck me Dannny.." Her toes spread out and her legs tightened, lifting her ass higher into the air. "Mmmpmhhh...grrrwrww..." She cried into the pillow as more cream slickened her thighs and ‘bush.’​Dan unconsciously rubbed the stuffed rat slowly over the bulge in his jeans. His breath came fast and shallow as Pepper’s gyrations slowed. He ran his tongue over his lips as her hands fell to the bed, limp. With one last sigh, he could see her inner thighs tremble and the long slim hot dog slid from inside her. With a slight pop, it fell loose and rolled off the end of the bed to the floor, leaving a little puddle of goo surrounding itself.* * * "Oh God, Kitten... that's incredible," Dan moaned softly, having never felt anything like this before. He watched the look on her face as she sucked his cock. He’d never seen a girl look so happy to be sucking him. Pepper’s eyes were closed, as she concentrated on taking more of him down her throat. Her rough little tongue felt so wicked and made the sucking more intense. Her head moved up more as another inch disappeared between her lips. He felt the tip of his cock pass over her tongue and hit the roof of her mouth. There was no gagging or coughing like he expected, and the back of her mouth felt ribbed, adding even more sensations to what was already, honestly, the best blowjob he had ever had.​She heard him moan and her heart skipped a beat with the compliment. The tip of his cock bumped into the back of her throat, so she sucked harder, working to take another inch. She had almost the whole thing in her mouth now. It was the most wicked feeling in the world, sucking gently and then hard, twisting her head, then taking him deeper. He was moaning softly now and moving his hips ever so slightly to meet her rhythm. Oh, he likes it. I'm making him happy. I can’t stand it. This is the best feeling in the world. A small shiver ran through the meat stuffed in her mouth as she pulled back some, and she tasted a little bit of his salty goo on the back of her tongue.​Pepper slowly pulled her head back until his cock slipped from her lips with a little pop. She opened her eyes and looked up at the dreamy expression on Danny’s face. She rolled the few drops of pre-cum around on her tongue and smiled up at him, as he opened his eyes and looked down at her. She bit her lip slowly and asked in an innocent voice, "I hope I'm doing it ok. Am I, Danny?"

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