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The End Times: What Happens Next? (Beware of the End Times!, #3)
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The End Times: What Happens Next? (Beware of the End Times!, #3)

Reeks: Beware of the End Times!


As I wrote this third addition to the series "Beware of the End Times!", the American election season for 2016 has been transpiring.  Neither the Democrat or Republican candidates are campaigning on the basis of restoring the moral compass to society, but despite this, many do not recognize how broken the world has become.  Some want to say, "we have righteous leaders campaigning", but meanwhile many undeniable inconsistencies exist with them all.  Not only in America, but across the world, immorality is increasing.  Satan continues to ask, "Are you sure God said that?" as he did with Eve, and many respond by rearranging their interpretation of scripture, rather than becoming more sound and immovable; understanding God's definition of sin, how He desires to be loved, and how He desires for us to love our fellow man (His creation).

This book is founded on the premise that neither socialist or capitalist, not a celebrity, doctor, pastor, or scientist ‬WILL completely restore the moral compass to our world.  Only the Messiah will restore the sanctity that was lost when pain and suffering was ushered in by the transfer of authority from Adam to Satan.  As much as I would love to prophecy your quick fix and "kingdom now", prophecy of the "great falling away" has been given, and the world is increasing in lawlessness. Despite what many mainstream pastors say, as a result of the law, the prophets, and the entire covenant of the New Testament being shunned by our world leaders and citizens, God WILL judge our world in the coming future. I don't know exactly when the judgement will occur, but IT WILL COME because the requirement for our world is (1)repentance, (2), changing their ways, then (3) prayer, and the world leaders or the citizens are not willing to lead or follow to fulfill 1-2, so 3 is irrelevant. In this time, those set apart for God need to (1) Stay obedient to God's Word: beginning to end (2) Prepare your families. Study and shape an emergency preparedness plan (3) Increase family unity and help others do the same. Those set apart for God need to position themselves in God's path even if your country leaders go in a rebellious direction (as evidenced in our current events). Romans 13 does not mean that you should follow authority into disobedience. Follow Daniel, Jeremiah, or Isaiah's example; making others aware of sin (including our leaders if your God-ordained position is such), and follow God. We are in prophetic times!

The Good News...Jesus (Yeshua) paid the price to transfer the title deed, and restore us to a world of righteousness with no suffering and pain: The New Jerusalem!

If you have just come across this series and are thinking about starting with reading this book, I warn you that you will be missing the context and background of Revelation 1-6 laid in the prior volumes of the series.  I recommend starting at book one of the series and preceding forward from there.  For readers that have already laid the groundwork of books one and two, let us continue where we left off discussing the book of Revelation in chapter 6, so we can prepare spiritually and physically for the coming judgement that has been prophesied to transform our world.  I (the author) remain imperfect, and in the path of increasing in the knowledge of God's word, so test every word written herein against scripture.  Let's be eternally victorious!

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