Studium Generale Debate café with Scope: The Future of Global Trade

maandag 18 februari 2019 20:00
Studium Generale Debate café with Scope: The Future of Global Trade

Studium Generale Debate café with Scope: The Future of Global Trade

In the world we know today, living without global trade would be hard to imagine. Preferential trade agreements (PTAs) increased from 20 in 1990 to close to 300 today. As the assembly of technical products ever becomes more global, the latest political trends seem to jeopardize that. Free trade agreements are questioned instead of embraced, with the leading examples of the Brexit and Trump protecting America with his ongoing trade dispute with ea. China.

What will be the repercussions if Trump keeps his course? Will the increased tariffs make America richer? Does it possibly also have detrimental repercussions on other countries? And what about global inequality and the increasing climate awareness, does this possibly change global trade? In this Debate Café our panel of expert will discuss these questions and many more.


  • Iveta Alexovicova, PhD – Assistant Professor of International Economic Law at Maastricht University, Department of International and European Law, focusing predominantly on international trade and investment law. She is a fellow of the Institute for Globalisation and International Regulation and a member of the Ius Commune Research School.
  • Hugo Rojas-Romagosa, PhD – Research economist at the CPB Netherlands Bureau of Economic Policy Analysis and a fellow researcher at the World Trade Institute in Bern. His research interests include globalisation and labour markets, trade liberalization and income distribution, trade in value-added and global supply chains.
  • Harald Sander – Professor of Economics and International Economics at TH Köln and Maastricht School of Management. Main research interests: International financial integration, especially global banking, European (monetary) integration, International trade and investment, (The limits of) global governance, Green growth and the role of eco-innovations.
  • Tania Treibich, PhD – Assistant Professor in Economics, School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University. Her research fields include Agent-based computational economics, Industrial Dynamics, Innovation Studies and Trade.


Neil Foster-McGregor, PhD – Deputy Director of UNU-Merit. Senior Researcher with interests in economic growth and development, international trade and globalisation, and innovation and technology transfer.

The Debate Café covers important recent developments in science and society. It’s a meeting place for experts, researchers and students. The Debate Cafe will be held in an informal setting. A panel of experts will talk about their research and its relation to and impact on society. Everyone in the audience can go into debate with the panel and exchange views and ideas.


This Debate Café is organized by SCOPE and Studium Generale

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